Telephone Exchange
East Haddon Telephone Exchange

Fibre Enabled

BT Logo Fibre to the Cabinet & Fibre on Demand services are available to customers connected to the East Haddon exchange. Most customers can now upgrade from ADSL to fibre internet. Suppliers include BT Superfast Fibre, Plusnet Fibre Broadband, TalkTalk Fast Broadband, John Lewis Broadband & ee Unlimited Fibre Broadband

Local Authorities = Daventry District Council & Northamptonshire County Council

UK area dialling code (STD code) for the East Haddon exchange is 01604

International dialling code for the East Haddon exchange is +44 1604 or 0044 1604

The East Haddon exchange is in the Northampton group of exchanges.

20 telephone exchanges form this regional grouping.

East Haddon

Exchange Address

Located at :-
British Telecom,
Telephone Exchange,
Church Lane,
East Haddon,

East Haddon -> Northamptonshire -> East Midlands

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Exchange Location

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Openreach Identifer

  • Network identifier code for the East Haddon exchange is EMEASTH

Static IP Address

  • Plusnet offer their broadband customers the option of a "Static IP Address" for a one off charge of just £5. Make reliable VoIP calls, run a server, host a website or monitor CCTV remotely with a "Static IP Address" from Plusnet

Fibre To The Cabinet

  • The East Haddon exchange provides fibre services.


  • This exchange has not been 21CN WBC enabled


  • The East Haddon exchange has been enabled for ADSL Max since March 2006


  • The East Haddon telephone exchange in Northamptonshire was enabled for ADSL in July 2004

Ofcom Classification

  • The BT exchange, East Haddon is classified by Ofcom as:- Market 1.

PSTN Network Switch Off In 2025

The first stage Openreach propose to facilitate the retirement of their public switched telephone network (PSTN) is to issue 'Stop Sell' dates for specific telephone exchanges. Once a 'Stop Sell' date has passed, communication providers (CP's) will be unable to order any copper based products if a fibre solution is available at the customer's premises. Accepted fibre solutions include FTTP and SOGEA/SOGFast.

Impacted product and services that will be unavailable beyond a 'Stop Sell' date include WLR3 analogue, ISDN 2, ISDN 30, LLU SMPF, SLU SMPF, Narrowband Line Share and Classic products.

Openreach have identified 460 specific 'FTTP Priority Exchanges' that will be the first to receive 'Stop Sell' notices, see below.

Openreach have not identified the East Haddon Exchange as a 'FTTP Priority Exchange' and the 'Stop Sell' date will be September 2023.

TalkTalk LLU Services are not available TalkTalk

Sky LLU Services are not available Sky