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Fibre To The Premises

  • "Fibre to the Premises" is the daddy of all the systems available from BT. With FTTP, Telco's will install a fibre optic line directly into your home. This technology is expensive and most customers will manage adequately with the 'inferior' FTTC system!

Fibre To The Cabinet

  • FTTC, "Fibre To The Cabinet", is the latest improvement most people will eventually receive. Telco's bring fibre optic cable as close to your property as possible providing you with faster internet connections.


  • Over 1,400 exchanges, serving over 18 million customers, have been enabled for 21CN Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC) that provides a faster service, up to 20Mbit/s.


  • BT's ADSL Max services were launched in 2006.


  • SDSL is a particular DSL variant and cannot be used on lines that carry voice traffic and is unlikely to be found in people's homes.


  • ADSL is the original broadband system offered over a telephone line. Almost every exchange that BT operates has ADSL available. Now largely superseded by superior technologies, ADSL remains the only choice of broadband available in many parts of the country today!